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Nonprofit Technology Support

PC Bonkers wants your nonprofit to succeed. That's why I support these values:

Community Connections: Clarity of presentation is significant within your community. Being clear about what you do provides an open path for community members to engage with your organization. A well-designed website is the handshake that begins those connections.

Autonomy: Together we can build a website where you retain ownership. Your website can present your story the way you want it told without distracting ads, screen filler, or third-party monetizers. After the design work is complete, you control your content and updates.

Frugality: Your resources should be spent on your mission, not on costly relationships with service providers or maintenance contracts. I can provide assistance on an as-needed basis, you only pay when you need help.

I've evaluated many options, and can present you with the most cost-effective solutions. I will keep my progress and fees transparent throughout the planning, design, and build process.

To get started, call  or  email me today.

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Last Updated 2019-January-16